Vaccine Validation

With the emerging global market the volume of biological medicinal products crossing national borders is rising significantly and it has become essential to ensure regulation and validation of vaccines. AFE Biosciences supply antisera from new & established vaccines for the purpose of potency and clinical testing assessments to support the manufacturing development of veterinary & Medical vaccines. AFE provide a service using standard protocols for the assessment of vaccines at any stage of their use.


Protocol available for Sheep, Cattle, Goat, Alpaca, Llama, Rabbit. A separate protocol is available for mouse use. Package price includes the following;

Customer responsibility

Once we agree a protocol we will sent you 3 documents to be completed;

1. Justification for the work you are carrying out - Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986

2. Risk Assessment for the antigen you will be providing.

3. Written protocol for agreement

Once we receive your antigen our responsibilities / service include all of the following. Our Responsibilities:

1. Supply of animal

2. Supply of adjuvant & preparation of emulsions.

3. Injections & test bleeds in accordance with protocol.

4. Daily Husbandry and Veterinary advice (if required).

5. Supply of sera to customer with 48hrs of procedure.

6. Individual production paperwork to support process.

SOP's supporting all processes available on request. Projects commence within 7 days of agreement. Pricing dependant on number of projects. Please contact AFE to discuss tour requirements.